So Many Gul'dans to Kill, So Many Timelines To Kill Him In

by GM Fright, 71 days ago

Heroic Gul'dan is dead!  Over a week ago!  Who has time to post silly pictures on silly websites anymore?!  THIS JOB IS TOO DIFFICULT!!

We'll be clearing the whole place a couple more times, then going on break until Tomb opens up.  Keep leveling up your weapon and working on your gear, I want to roll into Tomb ready to kill shit!

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Dodge! Duck! Dip! Dive! And.... Dodge!

by GM Fright, 85 days ago

Heroic Magistrix is dead!  We got Gul'dan pretty close a few times, we'll get him next week no problem.  Then we'll farm for a few weeks, then take a nice little break until Tomb of Sargeras opens!  Hooray!

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Insert Gardening Joke Here! Everyone Laughs! HILARIOUS!

by GM Fright, 90 days ago


Heroic Botanist is Dead!  He was certainly a dick about it, but he died in the end, and before 7.2 hit.  Now we've got a little bit of a boost to power through the last two jerk-bags, should be a piece of cake!  Be ready!

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We Really Need To Improve Our Picture Taking Skills

by GM Fright, 104 days ago



Heroic Star Augur and Heroic Tichondrius are dead!  Another couple progression bosses down in one night, what a couple of chumps!  We've got some tough bastards left in front of us, though, which High Botanist coming up next.  Study up and be ready!

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I Was Going To Make A "Hell-Yea!" Joke...So I Did!

by GM Fright, 110 days ago


Heroic ToV is cleaned up!  Also, Heroic Spellblade is dead!

It was past time that we went in and finished up Heroic ToV, and we're pushing further into Heroic Nighthold.  We've got Star Augur next, whom we've already almost killed, then Tichondrius and Botanist.  Study up and keep killing shit!

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We Killed That Guy... And That Guy... And That One Too!

by GM Fright, 119 days ago




Normal Gul'dan, Heroic Odyn, and Heroic Krosus are dead! 

We'll keep working on finishing up heroic ToV that we didn't do while we were on break, and we'll keep pushing further into heroic Nighthold!  Keep working on your gear and your Artifact Power outside of raids, every .5% helps!

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I Was, Uh, Slowed... or... Eating Cake... or Something...

by GM Fright, 133 days ago

Heroic Chromatic Anomaly and Heroic Trilliax are both dead!  Over a week ago!  I've been busy, posting shit on the forums isn't always my first priority!  Go fuck yourself! 

Working on finishing off Normal Guldan this week, and pushing further into heroic with Krosus and Spellblade.  Be prepared!

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