This Was So Long Ago, I Actually Forgot the Name of the Raid

by GM Fright, 10 days ago


We killed Heroic Mythrax and G'Huun!  A long, long time ago in a raid far, far away!  I barely remember it, either because of how long ago it was, or because I've blocked it from my mind out of horror and disgust!  Whatever!

Next raid is released soon, let's create some new PTSD together!

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Beta For Azeroth is Great! Can't Wait for Release!

by GM Fright, 91 days ago


Heroic Devourer, Vectis, Zek'voz, and Zul are all dead, too!  We sure have been busy, and I can't seem to remember any of it!  I'm having long periods of lost memories!

Have you seen me recently?!  What was I doing?! Can you take me home?!  I miss my family!!

Only two bosses left, maybe I'll remember to post the pics after they die!

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Beta Testing Nearly Complete!

by GM Fright, 91 days ago

We cleared Normal Uldir, too!  At some point in the fairly recent past!  I can't remember anymore!

What year is it?! Who are you people?!  Where am I?!

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Your Mother Really (beta-)Tested My Life Form Last Night...

by GM Fright, 91 days ago

Killed the first couple heroic bosses in Uldir!  A while ago!  Does the "I'm a busy person" excuse still work?!?! I AM!

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Honey, I'm Nine Months Late... and It's Not Yours.

by GM Fright, 122 days ago


We really did clear Argus, I'm just having priority issues in 2018!


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We've Killed Things!

by GM Fright, 381 days ago

Heroic Worldbreaker, Felhounds, High Command, Hasabel, and Eonar are all dead!  Hooray!

I'm getting progressively worse at keeping this section of the site even REMOTELY up to date!  We don't even have pictures from the first two heroic bosses in Antorus!  We are very bad at this!  And it's ALL YOUR FAULT. I TAKE NONE OF THE BLAME.  BE BETTER, SUCK-ASS, YOU'RE MAKING US ALL LOOK BAD.

Holiday break is over, time to keep killing things!

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I Ran Out of Tomb Raider Jokes...

by GM Fright, 428 days ago

That's why I didn't post about our Heroic Kil'Jaeden kill until now.  It's been so long, I don't even remember when we killed him... Was it 2 months ago?  2 years ago?  20 years ago?  I'm feeling very confused.

HOWEVER!  Antorus is released in a week and a half!  I know that much!  Get ready to raid again, you slack-jawed dumb-faces!  We're doing a warm-up raid on Sunday the 26th, and hopping into Antorus for the first time on Thursday the 30th.  Get your weapon leveled and get ready!

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