We Really Need To Improve Our Picture Taking Skills

by GM Fright, 12 days ago



Heroic Star Augur and Heroic Tichondrius are dead!  Another couple progression bosses down in one night, what a couple of chumps!  We've got some tough bastards left in front of us, though, which High Botanist coming up next.  Study up and be ready!

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I Was Going To Make A "Hell-Yea!" Joke...So I Did!

by GM Fright, 17 days ago


Heroic ToV is cleaned up!  Also, Heroic Spellblade is dead!

It was past time that we went in and finished up Heroic ToV, and we're pushing further into Heroic Nighthold.  We've got Star Augur next, whom we've already almost killed, then Tichondrius and Botanist.  Study up and keep killing shit!

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We Killed That Guy... And That Guy... And That One Too!

by GM Fright, 26 days ago




Normal Gul'dan, Heroic Odyn, and Heroic Krosus are dead! 

We'll keep working on finishing up heroic ToV that we didn't do while we were on break, and we'll keep pushing further into heroic Nighthold!  Keep working on your gear and your Artifact Power outside of raids, every .5% helps!

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I Was, Uh, Slowed... or... Eating Cake... or Something...

by GM Fright, 40 days ago

Heroic Chromatic Anomaly and Heroic Trilliax are both dead!  Over a week ago!  I've been busy, posting shit on the forums isn't always my first priority!  Go fuck yourself! 

Working on finishing off Normal Guldan this week, and pushing further into heroic with Krosus and Spellblade.  Be prepared!

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Maybe If You Had Even ONE Stinger Attack...

by GM Fright, 56 days ago



Heroic Skorpyron is dead!  We're making our way through Normal Nighthold nicely, and now we're starting through Heroic as well!  We might miss some raid time next week due to the superbowl, so let's make the most out of the time we have!  

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Nighthold Release Coming Soon! 1/17/17

by GM Fright, 77 days ago


I hope you like purple lighting, because we're going to be spending a lot of time in it pretty soon!

Nighthold is set to release next Tuesday the 17th!  That means it's time to shake off some rust and get back to progression!  Spend a little time in some mythic+ dungeons this week, maybe, or do a little LFR just for the fuck of it.  I don't care, just get ready!

WE WILL RAID ON TUESDAY THE 17th!  That means we'll have THREE raid nights next week: Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.  We'll be back to two nights per week after that.

Boss strats will be posted up soon, but feel free to do some independent research!



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We Were At Least .5% Better This Time!

by GM Fright, 146 days ago

Heroic Xavius is dead!  Another week of farming the place, and then we're on to the Trials of Valor! 

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