We Were At Least .5% Better This Time!

by GM Fright, 35 days ago

Heroic Xavius is dead!  Another week of farming the place, and then we're on to the Trials of Valor! 

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UpUpDwnDwn LftRtLftRt WispWispSisterDragonSister B A Start

by GM Fright, 43 days ago


Heroic Cenarius is dead!  One more fuck job left, and we got him to .5% last night...  We'll get him without a problem next week, with time to spare before the Trial of Valor raid!

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Sharknado 7: Revenge of the Spidernado!

by GM Fright, 51 days ago

Heroic Il'Gynoth and Heroic Elerethe Renferal are both dead!  Just a couple more to go, and only one more week until 7.1 is released.  Let's make the most of it!

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Leap-Frogging Slinky Strategy is Best Strategy

by GM Fright, 58 days ago

Heroic Ursoc is dead!  Got some good attempts on Il'Gynoth as well, he'll die quickly next week!  Be ready for that fuck and the spider/bird!


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Well, That Did Kinda Feel Like A Nightmare, I Guess...

by GM Fright, 65 days ago


Heroic Dragons of Nightmare are dead!  That fight kinda sucks, and we get to do it again every week for the next few months!  Hooray!  Il'Gynoth and Ursoc are up next, be ready for them!

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Like Riding a Bike!

by GM Fright, 72 days ago

Normal Emerald Nightmare is cleared!  And Heroic Nythendra is dead!  A great first week back to raiding, a good start to the tier!  

Be ready next week.  We've got the Mythic+ competition, we're clearing Normal EN again, and then we're hopping back into heroic on Sunday and going after Dragons of Nightmare and Il'Gynoth.  Farm mats for flasks and feasts, get your shit enchanted and gemmed, and be ready to grind!

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The Legion is Here!

by GM Fright, 98 days ago


Get to leveling, chumps!  We start mythic dungeons on Tuesday, and it's going to ramp up from there!  Don't get left behind on our first raid because your ilvl wasn't high enough; the beginning of an expansion is the most difficult and requires the most work outside of raids to get ready, DO YOUR WORK!

Boss strats will be posted soon.  In the meantime get leveled up, get your professions up, and get ready!

$10 says Illidan gets "redeemed."   Next expansion: Bolvar the Lich King has a Tea Party.

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